Opening Times

I am registered to provide daytime care. I am also prepared to care for your child at the weekend and evenings as a babysitting service
Standard Daytime Opening Hours: 8.00am to 6.00pm
Extra Hours can be booked in advance
Evening Hours for Babysitting: 7pm onwards in your home.

Booking a space in the future:

As many parents look for childcare a good time in advance of the time it is actually needed I am willing to make arrangements for the future, taking bookings for spaces months in advance. However, as this means that I am likely to be unable to fill the space in the meantime, I ask for a small fee to hold the space (holding fee), which is 50% of your normal monthly fee. This fee is not a deposit and is non-refundable. If you are hoping to hold the space for more than two months then a deposit of 50% of your monthly fee will be taken (but will be refunded if you take up your space as contracted) and will be replaced in the final two months by the non-refundable holding fee - please contact me so that I can explain it better!!

Methods of payment

Ideally, I ask for each month of care to be paid in advance. I am happy to be paid weekly therefore taking payment at the start of each week. Should you fall behind in your payments, care will cease until the issue has been resolved.

I accept cash, cheque or childcare voucher schemes (please contact me with what scheme you would like to use) but in the case of a cheque payment it must have cleared on or before the start of each month.